Youstice Welcomes the First ODR Provider in the UK GDS Trust

Youstice Welcomes the First ODR Provider in the UK – GDS Trust

Youstice is dynamically expanding its network of partners with GDS-Trust – the first UK Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) provider.

GDS-TRUST is a British organisation, based in London. The Trust was created to develop and initiate innovative commercial conflict risk management strategies for business-to-business transactions. The Trust operates in multiple jurisdictions across the UK, all the EU countries, Asia, Australia, Canada, USA, as well as South America.

The Chairman of GDS-Trust, Nobby Clarke has more than three-decades of experience as a commercial negotiator, mediator and arbitrator. His clients include business executives, entrepreneurs, large corporations and government departments. Throughout his career, he has conducted well over 1500 successful resolutions, principally in major commercial disputes.

As an established Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) organization, GDS-Trust will provide Youstice-supported retailers and customers with independent, third-party advice on those issues they have not yet managed to resolve. The Trust will also provide professional online development training in English for professionals who plan to become registered as neutral arbitrators.

Nobby Clarke commented on the partnership with Youstice: "GDS-TRUST has worked with large organisations to resolve commercial conflict and enable them to achieve amicable relationships, loyalty and trust. Youstice does exactly the same for online retailers and their customers. As Chairman of GDS-TRUST I am excited to be partnering with Youstice. Our combined skills and experiences will enable businesses and clients to operate with confidence, knowing there is a fair and responsive option available to assist when disagreements arise. "