Youstice`s German Adventure at NEOCOM 2014

Youstice has participated at NEOCOM in Dusseldorf over the last two days, and I had a pleasure to be a part of the team. We secured a major presence there, which you can as you can see. Let me summarize shortly some of the key moments from our perspective.

neocom  neocom1

NEOCOM itself is a great venue. It is located in an old factory, it is cool in both design and attitude. Many start-ups but also established players participate in the event, held in Dusseldorf, and offer a good mix of service solutions for both e-shops and brick and mortar stores. You do not see the crowds of visitors – instead, the participants are focused professionals, interested in new trends and finding new opportunities.

This year, we had a good number of visitors at our special stand, both from small companies and bigger brands. We held a very useful meeting with Haendlerbund, the largest European trustmark. We also met with several German producers of software for shops, including Shopware, Demandware and others, and we discussed our potential cooperation with Yapital and Texterclub, to name a few.

Moreover, we looked at many interesting solutions in security (such as MelissaData). We met with a French company iAdvize, with which we met few weeks ago in UK – a clear sign that NEOCOM is more and more international.

All in all, the organizers did a good job this year! We are very much looking forward to returning there next year.