Summer Is Coming. What Does It Mean For E-Commerce?

With hot summer days upon us, it`s no wonder that consumer behavior changes when it comes to shopping spending. Let`s take a look at most interesting facts:

Mondays Are Terrible For Morale, But Good For Sales

During summertime, shoppers make the most expensive online purchases exactly on Monday, and June is officially the slowest month for e-commerce sellers, with over 30% decline vs. the peak December shopping season.

Every Other Consumer Likes To Travel

According to 2013 research, every other person (49%) considers travel their top summer activity. Now, that vastly outweighs other favorite summer activities, such as camping and attending music festivals.

Who makes the most out of the summer travel-craze? Spotlight goes to low-cost airlines like Ryanair and EasyJet that provide cheap air tickets for consumers across the globe. According to The Guardian, Ryanair net profit for the year til the end of March increased by 66% to €867m.

Top Item To Buy For Travel: Sunglasses

Research from marketing company Chango indicates that sunglasses are ranked as top most searched travel item (44%), followed closely by cameras, first-aid kits and swimsuits. Sportswear and outdoor leisure equipment is next on the list of hot summer sales.

The rest of the trends are reflected in the infographic below: