ODReurope and YOUSTICE introduce Online Dispute Resolution to Greece

A major innovation in the area of consumer dispute resolution comes to Greece with the international partnership between ODReurope and YOUSTICE, which aims to change the way disputes are handled and managed today, arising from online transactions between traders and consumers.

ODReurope introduces online consumer dispute resolution for the first time in Greece, by simplifying settlement procedures and by offering a modern technological environment, simple and convenient for consumers and businesses.

Through a friendly and modern online platform, traders and consumers can resolve their differences easily - either directly or with the assistance of a neutral third party - quickly and without having to resort to lengthy, stressful and costly court procedures.

ODReurope is part of the global YOUSTICE network of online dispute resolution for consumer disputes. The company has the expertise and privilege to collaborate with distinguished online dispute resolution providers and partners in many countries, currently operating in 12 languages, with new ones launching soon. This ensures simpler and more effective procedures both in domestic and cross-border disputes.

Petros Zourdoumis, founder of ODReurope, on the occasion of this important cooperation comments: “ODReurope and YOUSTICE introduce to Greece a major innovation: resolving consumer disputes online! Our philosophy is simple: e- shopping requires e-resolving. Since we all easily now do our shopping online, we should be able to resolve our disputes easily online as well. Online dispute resolution increases confidence in electronic commerce which eventually increases the volume of trade. The YOUSTICE platform is a highlight in the field of online dispute resolution and our excellent cooperation is already expanding in other European countries. We make dispute resolution easier and more accessible to all. We are moving steadily forward".

Zbynek Loebl, CEO of Youstice, comments: "Our platform is among the largest and most advanced solutions in the world of online dispute resolution for consumer disputes, and we are steadily expanding our presence in new countries by creating international network with key partners. It is our pleasure to welcome ODReurope as one of them, and together we will bring to Greece a simple, fast and effective way of resolving disputes online. The YOUSTICE platform is an innovative way of dealing with customer issues, arising in online commerce and beyond. We plan and move ahead, having consumers’ and businesses’ needs in our mind. YOUSTICE and ODReurope open a road to the future”.

About ODReurope

ODReurope is an effort to raise awareness about online dispute resolution, to inform and promote ADR and ODR practices and to support European Union plans for alternative dispute resolution for consumer disputes. ODReurope provides an advanced online environment for resolving disputes arising from online & offline transactions, offers consulting services to individuals, businesses, organizations and state bodies about the use of ODR systems and ADR practices and operates as an international ADR provider for mediation, negotiations and online dispute resolution.
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