GEEKLAW partners with Youstice

GEEKLAW and YOUSTICE announced an exclusive, multi-year, partnership to offer Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) certification courses. These courses will be delivered at the University of Leicester to second and final year law students. This program is a first of its kind in Europe; and in keeping with GEEKLAW’s mission to offer programs that bridge the gap between academia and the legal profession. The first series of certification courses will be delivered in March and October 2015.

Mr. Zbynek Loebl, founder of Youstice: “I am very happy that Youstice can support this great project. I wish all the students to be clever, creative and to have ambition to change the world.”

Dr. Rado Bonk, Youstice global ODR network director: "Youstice a.s. is a private company established in the Czech Republic in 2012. It has a leading edge in the area of providing an online dispute resolution (ODR) infrastructure. The company’s goal is to drive trust in online shopping by enabling online transactional justice a pioneering undertaking. Youstice has developed the first open global multilingual infrastructure for online shopping complaints resolution for low value, high volume cases related to the sale of goods, or provision of services. Youstice serves both online retailers and brick-and-mortar shops; it works for both, domestic, and across borders claims. Youstice ecosystem consists of consumers, retailers, ODR providers, consumer centres, online markets and trustmarks. We believe, that our pioneering undertaking can boost online e-commerce and increase cross-border business while assuring online transactional justice."

Abraham Tuyo, Founder of GEEKLAW: "The internet continues to cause significant paradigm shifts in all areas of business, academia and the law profession. Social networks have become platforms for sharing of ideas, settling of grievances and for effecting change. Youstice is building a global socio-legal network for businesses, consumers and practitioners. Its technology will enable disputants to resolve grievances effectively and efficiently. GEEKLAW members benefit from this partnership by obtaining industry certifications while completing their academic studies with thus increasing their employability. We are fortunate to partner with YOUSTICE on this initiative."

GEEKLAW and YOUSTICE agree the following: provision of lecture facilities and equipment, scheduling and promotion of the certification courses, on-site delivery of course materials by legal practitioners, webhosting of a searchable certification registry, and issuance of completion certificates. GEEKLAW members will be offered these certification courses at £7.00; nonmembers will be charged £10.00. The certification courses will be delivered annually; starting in the third week of March and the third week of October 2015.

Founded in 1966, the University of Leicester School of Law consistently features among the top law schools in the United Kingdom. GEEKLAW was founded by students at the University of Leicester School of Law. Officially known as the Information Technology Law Society, GEEKLAW is affiliated with the University of Leicester Students’ Union. Its mission is to incorporate ICT (Information and Communication Technology) into the academic life of law students; and prepare them for entry into high-tech industries and a technology-driven legal profession.

GEEKLAW contact:
Mr. Seth Heward-Mills
Vice President, Public Relations
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Youstice is the world’s first online platform that solves shopping issues across the globe in a fast and efficient manner. Youstice combines the best of breed in expertise, across the technology and legal sectors. It increases trust in transnational shops as it guarantees a fair, smooth and satisfying settlement of conflicts, for example, by enabling the rapid exchange of information in different languages to resolve online disputes quickly and efficiently.

Youstice provides online retailers with a secure and trustworthy solution for resolving claims and disputes in the cross-border online trade and making this part of their service portfolio. It provides retailers with the technical platform and legal expertise required for arbitration. As a result, disputes between retailers and consumers can be resolved quickly and without further complication.

YOUSTICE contact:
Ms. Karina Ludz
Communications Manager
+421 905 244 456