Youstice and EMOTA join forces to improve European e-Commerce

Youstice is excited to enter a partnership with EMOTA, the European Multi-channel and Online Trade Association, in Brussels, to promote the interests of European businesses in the context of removing barriers within e-Commerce and facilitating cross-border sales.

"Youstice aims to actively engage consumers into a dialogue with their e-shops and to create an environment to nurture consumer trust," said Zbyněk Loebl, CEO of Youstice.  „This helps to grow trust in cross-boarder e-Commerce, which fits with the EMOTA standards.“

EMOTA  represents e-traders and distance sellers at European level, through its national member associations. At present, EMOTA has members and partners in 15 countries. Many issues discussed in Brussels have been aiming at regulating sales over the internet and in particular, protecting consumers using the online channel for their shopping. This implies that EMOTA’s list of dossiers which are highly relevant for e-Commerce is long, whereby the focus lies on the removal of barriers to and facilitation of cross-border sales for the benefit of e-retailers with international ambitions. 

Youstice is a new-generation web application, designed to manage customer claims online and help businesses improve their customer care service globally. Youstice connects consumers and retailers, and allows a smoother negotiation in order to solve any issues in a quick and efficient way. Youstice has been recognized as the 2014 Customer Game Changer at Europe’s Customer Festival and shortlisted for HiiL Innovation Justice Awards.