Youstice partners with the Haendlerbund, the largest online trustmark in Europe

Youstice has announced the launch of cooperation with the Haendlerbund, the biggest etailer association in Europe, boasting over 30 000 online members. The company provides professional e-commerce services for online retailers.

Because of this cooperation, both Youstice and the Haendlerbund can bring their services perfectly into action. The Haendlerbund always strives to support and encourage small and medium-sized businesses to offer their costumers exceptionell services. With Youstice's support, these businesses can operate more effectively, more costumer-friendly and, thus, be more successful.

"Youstice is a pioneering innovation in resolving consumer complaints. We can recommend Youstice to our members as a perfect addition to their existing customer service," says Karolin Lang, Business Development Manager for Haendlerbund.

The Haendlerbund covers mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, with only as little as third of its members being large businesses. In addition to its core activity in Germany, the Haendlerbund also cooperates with foreign members from Austria, Spain, France, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Denmark, Belgium, Greece and Netherlands.

"We are very happy to have become a partner of Haendlerbund, the trustmark which provides a very useful support for wide range of busineses," says Zbyněk Loebl, CEO of Youstice.

Youstice was launched as a response to the increasing number of unsolved complaints, made by customers all over the world. The web application allows clients to communicate and negotiate directly with companies and more importantly, to receive a fast solution to their shopping issues. Youstice is available to companies since summer 2014, with a limited free trial period. Currently, it has operations in the USA, Latin America, UK, Czech Republic and Slovakia.