GDS-Trust offers special, 3-months free trial of ODR services for Youstice clients

Youstice's ODR provider for United Kingdom – GDS-Trust - offers a special, 3-months' free trial of the ODR services for all new online shops who will start using the web application to resolve their customers' complaints. Customers will have access to the full Youstice service - including all independent ODR arbitration decisions from GDS-Trust – free-of-charge.

ODR (or Online Dispute Resolution) providers globally come to the rescue to those retailers and customers who are unable to resolve a dispute between themselves. In such a case, the customer simply clicks on the Escalation button and asks an independant neutral to make a fair decision on their behalf. This resolution is binding for both sides.

The Youstice application is free of charge for customers, with the exception of ODR fee, which they need to accept each time when they wish to use the Escalation. Retailers can use Youstice free-of-charge for the first six months, after which they choose a preferred subscription package. The only extra cost are the ODR fees, which they accept once they have agreed to give customers an option of having their complaints escalated. When the neutral makes the decision, they automatically assign the cost to one of the parties – either the retailer or the customer.

For more information on GDS-Trust see their website For more information on ODR services, please check our FAQ section.