Youstice Introduces Industry-Specific Solutions for Travel, Gambling and Car Rental Businesses

Youstice today announced expansion of its portfolio of products. The company who - back in 2014 - marketed a smart web application for handling complaints from e-commerce sector, has now added three customized solutions for travel, gambling and car rental businesses.

The new modules are designed to make receiving and managing customer complaints faster and more efficiently, as well as include a set of the most common complaints for each of these industries. This way, mid-size and big companies alike get faster access and better handling of complaints and disputes they receive daily. Integrating Youstice into existing customer care solutions gives businesses the ability to minimize negative reviews, offload live agents from too many tasks and to promote the right standards in customer care, as well as to collect and analyze valuable data, related to customer complaints.


Passenger transport in Europe exceeded 6 400 thousand millions passenger-kilometers in 2010 and the trend is still growing. The travel module aims to resolve issues with delays, missed transport, denied boarding, cancelled transportation, insufficient care, baggage issues, absence of disability assistance, defective service, misleading information, as well as payment issues. To check out the module in more detail, click here.



According to ECA's European Casino Industry Report 2013, the EU gambling market is estimated at around 84,9 billion EUR and grows at a yearly rate of around 3%. The gambling and gaming module focuses on interrupted or deficient service, absence of enforcement of addiction ban or age restriction, suspected manipulated game, local legal restrictions on gambling, unlawful ban from play, insufficient information, prize money collection issue or problem with tjhe payment. To try the module, click here.



Car rental is an industry that adds in excess of 10 billion EUR to the European economy. Just as an example, every third Irish motorist hires a car while abroad. Youstice car rental module provides options of reporting non-availability of rented vehicle, arrival of different car, receiving a defective vehicle and overall poor rental service, as well as general feedback to a provider. To see the rental module, click here.


The application is available for live demo testing and for a risk-free trial directly from To start using Youstice, companies need to download the application and follow the manual to integrate the module with their websites, while their customers can easily click on the application button and start sending complaints whenever they have an issue.

About Youstice

Youstice is a new-generation customer care application, designed to manage customer claims online and help businesses improve their customer care service globally. Its unique feature to escalate unresolved claims to third-party neutral professionals for a fair decision is in line with the upcoming EU legislation, calling for all service providers to offer their customers an option of online dispute resolution. Youstice has been recognized as the 2014 Customer Game Changer at Europe’s Customer Festival and shortlisted for HILL Innovation Justice Award 2014, 2014, Get in the Ring 2014 and Appy Awards 2015.