Step-by-step Youstice Integration Guide

Please follow the easy steps below to integrate Youstice to your website.



Youstice widget

The widget enables your customers to file claims. It also shows basic information and stats. Please note that stats will become available only after certain number of claims have been filed.

This code displays the widget on your website:

<iframe id="widget" style="position:fixed;bottom:0px;right:0px;width:470px;height:300px;background-color:transparent;border:none;" src="" frameborder=0 ALLOWTRANSPARENCY="true"></iframe>

You may want to place this piece of code somewhere in your site's footer section. However, the exact placement is entirely up to you. If done properly, it should display the following widget on your site. As a default, the widget is closed.

Closed widget:

Open widget:
Youstice - logo widget

Youstice claim button

In addition to the widget above, your may want to use a dedicated claim button on specific locations on your website (e.g. your customer care or returns section). Clicking on it will take customers to the Youstice application, where they can start filing a new claim. Copy the code below to a page of your choice:

<iframe id="widget" style="width:230px;height:60px;background-color:transparent;border:none;" src=""></iframe>
Your page should show a button like the one below:

Youstice logo in your footer

You can put the Youstice logo in the footer of your web site to indicate that you are using Youstice service. You can get the logo in 4 different sizes and color schemes.

Place this logo on a visible location on your website.

<img src=">

The logo will look like this:
Example logo