Customers - How To Use Youstice?

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1) Is there a problem with your purchase? Great news - you can now file a complaint directly from the retailer’s website.


2) Indicate the type of issue you are experiencing. Fill in the details and attach any relevant document.

3) Tell the retailer what you want them to do to resolve the problem.

4) Sign into Youstice with your e-mail and password or social media account to submit your complaint.

5) Receive the retailer’s reply and jointly agree on the best course of action.

6) Not satisfied with the outcome? You can escalate the issue and request a decision from a third-party professional by following three simple steps:

  • - Click on "escalate my case".
  • - Choose a neutral professional from the list
  • - Click Submit


7) Once the solution has been implemented, you can check “Mark as done”. If the outcome has not been implemented, you can notify Youstice in one click. We will contact the retailer and take measures to enforce implementation of the solution if necessary - see our 98% Guarantee.

*Youstice closely collaborates with two independent security companies to ensure the privacy and security of our application.