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UNCITRAL prepares rules for global consumer dispute resolution

I have attended this week in New York a session of UNCITRAL working group (WGIII) on the topic of online dispute resolution (ODR). I`m an expert member of the Czech delegation, but I was also invited there as the founder of Youstice to an expert panel held on Tuesday, 25 March.


b2ap3_thumbnail_Zbynek_at_Umcitral.jpgI very much agree with this view and it has been exactly this view which stands behind the creation of Youstice.


UNCITRAL is preparing rules for online dispute resolution (ODR) for low value high volume cases. Youstice has followed actively UNCITRAL`s work. Our ODR Rules are compatible with the current draft of the UNCITRAL Rules (which is still work in progress, though). We also use draft Guidelines for ODR providers and neutrals, a document published by UNCITRAL, as our minimum requirements for ODR providers using Youstice.

UNCITRAL`s work should result in a new global best practice in consumer dispute resolution. This is important for further development of Internet society. ODR is already happening all over the world, there are new initiatives and interesting projects in Europe, USA, Canada or in Japan or Brasil, plus in other countries. That was the reason why UNCITRAL organized an expert consultation before this session, and why it held the expert panel, mentioned above.

The experts stressed that the Internet is borderless, and the ODR Rules should avoid too prescriptive provisions, which would limit flexibility of the ODR stakeholders – sellers and buyers, trustmarks, marketplaces or ODR providers and consumer centers. This strong call for common sense was directed to UNCITRAL delegates, which often insist on their domestic policies and laws and do not see that the real significance of UNCITRAL work on ODR is in its novel global nature. Such rules could be used by businesses globally, as well as by consumers and their organizations in the years to come.

We still need to see whether this practical recommendation and appeal will be heard. If not, practice will create its own global standards even outside UNCITRAL…

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