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Ultimate guide to complain in 8 simple steps

That feeling when you are waiting for something for a long time, purchase it and...whoops, it arrives damaged. You’d like to run immediately to the store, screaming or just pick up the phone and tell a couple of words to the agent... But wait! Count to three, take a deep breath... try to think objectively and act reasonably.

Here are some useful tips on how to simplify the process of complaining and increase your chances to actually get what you want.


1) Don’t complain about everything

At first, I must say it’s important you are not regarded as a chronic complainer. We all know those people, unhappy with literally everything that happens to them. It’s hard to recognize whether their complaint is worth dealing with or it’s just another one from their set of things they need to share with you. Remember: there is a difference to complain about damaged shoes, and to complain because the soles are of a different shade than you thought it would be...

2) Try to think about your complaint from another perspective

Put aside your anger for a while and try looking at the things from the point of view of a receiver. What would you do if you were that customer service rep you’re going to complain to? Prepare yourself for the whole conversation. That lady with headphones on probably doesn’t know anything about your issue and, on the other hand, is defending the interests of a company. So try to think what would you reply if somebody would come with the issue you have and try to find arguments for persuading her you’re right and it’s worth dealing with your claim.

3) Prepare yourself

Try never to complain unprepared. Why? With some exception of the stores which are refunding every unhappy customer, the process of reaching out for a compensation will take a while. After filing your complaint, the retailer will call you, asking for the evidence and after exchanging a couple of e-mails, hopefully they will let you know you have right to be fully refunded. Therefore collect all the materials, such as as product pictures, documentation, invoice and, of course, go through warranty materials to shorten time of negotiation with your retailer.

4) Think about the resolution BEFORE you file a complaint

If you’re going to complain, take a while to think about the compensation. What would make you happy? A refund? Replacement? Price reduction? It will help both you and retailer to shorten time of handling your complaint and also satisfy you as a customer.

5) Be fair 

When you’re complaining, always play fair. That doesn’t mean you should be shy. That`s not what I am saying. Just try to understand a customer service person who will be dealing with your claim and if you communicate in a fair way, without unecessary emotion, maybe they will make an exception even if it’s not mandatory for the company to make you any compensation?

6) Focus on facts, not on how angry you are

This is really one of the most commonly made mistakes when complaining. In anger, people act irrationally and try to explain how unhappy they are. Wait! Calm down and focus on facts. Explain your issue and offer an option to resolve it.

7) Escalate, escalate, escalate

If you’re unable to find a solution and have a feeling that a conversation with a customer service staff is heading nowhere, escalate your issue. Ask for a supervisor or an office manager. Don’t worry, they have more power and, sometimes, can resolve your issue in a moment.

8) Ask a neutral third party for a decision

What if you simply tried everything and you still didn’t reach the goal you wanted? Status of your complaint is “unresolved” and you don’t know what to do now, or whom to ask for help? You can either pass your issue to a court – but it takes time and money. Or you can escalate your issue to a neutral third party professionals, called ODR (online dispute resolution) providers, which is quick, inexpensive and effective. That`s why we also implemented this option to Youstice as it’s obviously the most effective way to solve unresolvable shopping issues. In addition, you will see in our application, how much you will pay in case you lose and you can decide whether to ask for decision before asking for it.


So, let’s summarize the process of complaining. It’s actually not that hard to find a win-win solution if you stick to these guidelines:

Firstly, don’t complain about every single piece of product or service you ever try or receive. If you really decide to complain, think about it from the opposite perspective and prepare arguments you would like to hear if you were customer service rep. Then prepare all the documentation and read warranty conditions to shorten the amount of time of resolving your issue and think about a perfect solution that would make you satisfied.

If you’re prepared, it’s time to complain. Act respectfully but show your vigor and fully focus on facts, not your anger. Explain the issue, the reasons of complaining, why you think you’re right and offer a way to resolve the issue. If you think this is a pure waste of time - ask for a supervisor or anybody who is responsible for customer service in the company. But if you’re still unable to reach an agreement, escalate the complaint to an ODR provider to make a neutral decision. It’s easy, fast and effective.

These are the steps we in Youstice identified as the most efficient in case you want to resolve your complaint and, on the other hand, to do it as quickly as possible. Therefore our application is based exactly on these steps - describing an issue, suggesting a resolution and adding right documentation to shorten the process. Then you negotiate with seller to reach a win-win solution. And if you’re unable to find it, escalate the issue to a certified ODR provider with a simple click. This way or the other, you get your satisfaction and a fair resolution of your issue.

Youstice helps customers to engage retailers in efficient and bias-free dialogue regarding claim management. You can negotiate your shopping issue and reach desired resolution with a few simple clicks. Invite your shop in order to file your first claim!

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