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How to turn your customers into promoters

Brand recognition doesn’t come cheap. Who’s better to spread the good word of your e-shop than your customers who know your product and services best? Here are three fireproof ways of turning your customers into brand ambassadors.

1. Focus on the first 100 days

It is a truth universally acknowledged by retailers around the globe, that after a purchase occurs, you have about 100 days to reinforce your customer’s opinion of your brand.1

However, the key timeframe for you are the first days after – the customers may be experiencing buyer’s remorse and the process of forming an opinion is heavily influenced by your post-sales customer service and product. Play your cards right and remember to strike the iron while it’s hot.

2. Base your relationships on righting wrongs

Nobody likes shopping issues – they cost your customers their time, money and nerves. However, denying responsibility won't make your brand look any better – in fact, it will turn your customers into detractors.

Any time an issue occurs, the key thing is to act to resolve it and to do so fast. Your client’s expectations of response time are growing shorter and shorter every season – for example, just in 2014, most of your customers would have expected a response from your shop within one working day.2

3. Prepare a pleasant surprise

Do you have a customer who is still buying items from you more out of necessity than preference, but recommends that others stay clear from your e-shop? These ones can do more harm than good, but thankfully, there is an easy way how to sway them in right direction.

Dissatisfied customers will most probably expect your e-shop to lack good customer service and product issues – and that is why it’s so easy to exceed their expectations. Surprise disgruntled clients with a special offer, a small gift, or even a simple personal letter from your CEO.3

Turning your customers into promoters might take some extra effort, but it will pay off in the long run. In 2015, the options to provide a great customer experience are almost endless. If you are interested in improving your e-shop, here’s a list of apps that will save your time and improve your workflow or read more about why automation is necessary for your small online business.




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