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Customer dispute resolution as a business opportunity in Europe

EU countries are now in the proces of implementing EU legislation on consumer protection and online dispute resolution (ODR). It is a great opportunity to examine existing regulatory policies and be forward-looking in the implementation of the European laws.
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For me as a business person, involved in customer dispute resolution I would embrace European policymakers and legislators make use of the following:

1)     We see that online and brick&mortar retailers merge more and more. Online retailers open physical  shops, while traditional shops trade also online. This trend is likely to continue.

2)     Also, for low value transactions (not exceeding 2,000 EUR, but much lower on average) more and more sales expand globally. Growing number of customers from all over the world trade online (find statistics clicking here) and this trend will also continue. Importantly enough, the trade is global and not regional, European or language-based. Customers simply buy what they like and from where they like.

Connected with what I just mentioned, it is the present market that decides what the best solutions in low value trade are rather than regulators. I strongly believe this is how it should be, as it is more fun for everybody, both retailers as well as their customers. And it is the same for businesses, involved in customer care and customer claim management or ODR (online dispute resolution).

We live at the time when new business concepts and solutions are being introduced on the market (Youstice is one of them), and we will see how well or not they will fly. Regulators should interfere only to the necessary minimum extent, which is in the best public interest.  

Our application is here to provide retailers with simple and intuitive tool to handle customer shopping complaints in a couple of clicks. It drives trust and helps businesses grow thanks to good reviews and word-of-mouth from happy clients. Take a look how Youstice works in our quick manual.

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