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5 Great Customer Service Stories That Will Blow Your Mind

As the saying goes: Customer is THE key pillar of every business. Without them, there is no income and without money, it is impossible for any company to exist in a longer run. Each customer service employee should understand the responsibility to provide top customer service and the fact that a customer has to be treated individually, with a full respect and patience.

Are you wondering how to treat customers so they feel special? In this blog post, you’ll find some of the best customer service stories that went viral on the internet. These stories may inspire you, your business and especially your customer service. Here`s the first one, by Jack Threads:

Youstice.com 5 Great Customer Service Stories That Will Blow Your Mind

Story no. 1: Sainsbury`s took advice from a three-and-half-year old kid


Lily Robinson is a little girl that got the courage and wrote a very cute letter to Sainsbury’s customer service department. She was confused about “Tiger breads’“ appearance. The resemblance with tiger was hardly recognizable. “It should be called giraffe bread,” she wrote and it is very hard to disagree with her!

This correspondence found its way to the internet and after a Facebook campaign to change Tiger Bread to Giraffe Bread Sainsbury’s changed the name:

And the conclusion? Lily was happy and Sainsbury’s apparently too, as their amazing customer service is well known all over the internet.

Story no. 2: Apple said YES!


At the time when iPad 2 was launched, everyone was willing to have it. One man also wanted one, so he bought it online. Unfortunately he sent it back with a Post-It note “Wife Said No”. This guy got lucky. Staff members treating his refund request decided to please him. They refunded the order and sent the iPad back to him with another Post-It saying, “Apple said yes”.

Would you dare to say “no” to Apple? I’m sure you’d be happy to get such a package and mention it all over the internet. Exactly as the man did.

Story 3: Another great example comes from Jim Shukys - customer service genius


Xander is probably just a regular guy from Streetsboro in Ohio. But he is also that guy who felt very special after receiving this Thank You note.

When this note was shared on the internet, random users recognized this service and left comments like these:

“I used to live in Streetsboro and I know exactly who that is. He’s a good man, stay with him!”

“It’s little things like this that earn business. If I got this card I would never use another mechanic in my life.”

You shouldn’t forget to thank your customers and let them feel special. Only one simple “thank you”, a smile or a sign of interest will make your customers remember you and come back to you again.

Story no. 4: Morton’s Steakhouse delivers a Twitter order


Peter Shankman as a customer service expert isn’t easy to please. Hungry at the airport and not wanting to buy himself a fast food meal, he took his chances and tweeted.

Shankman had no expectations. Surprisingly, when he landed one of Morton’s staff greeted him with a full meal. For this extraordinary customer service story Morton’s Steakhouse definitely deserves an attention.

Maybe Morton’s did this surprise delivery because they were aware of who Peter Shankman is. Or maybe the idea of someone craving for their food was heartwarming and flattering, and they did that because they wanted to please him in return. Either way, their perfect customer service has become known worldwide thanks to Twitter and internet.

Story no.5: B. Dalton bookseller - representing ideals of sellers


The B. Dalton team went an extra mile for their customer. A lady went to buy a book that her son requested for Christmas. Staff member at B. Dalton went through the store and stock inventory to find it. Unfortunately, they found none. In favour of customer’s satisfaction, they called Borders (their competition), reserved the book requested and gave her directions where to pick it up. “The staff member gave me the contact name at Borders and told me to just go up to the counter, and my book would be waiting...”

This outstanding gesture cost the B. Dalton team a lost sale of the book. However, they gained a determined, loyal shopper just by showing a little respect to the customer and her wishes :)


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