Integration Guide

Integrate Youstice instantly! Choose the best option for your site or e-shop. Include one of the code snippets below anywhere on your site. The placement, position and styling is entirely up to you. Start with a single line and scale up as necessary. Use one of our plugins or build your own custom solution.


  • Step 1: Register in Youstice.
    You may register in two different environments. One is a test environment - Sandbox, the other live Production. If you prefer to find out how Youstice works (e.g. file a test case) register in our Sandbox. If you want to implement Youstice without testing, you can register directly in our Production environment.

    Read more about the differences between Sandbox and Production.

  • Step 2: Integrate Youstice to your site
    After successful registration you can integrate Youstice to your site. You'll need the Site Id assigned to your e-shop/site inside Youstice. Click here to learn more about Site IDs

Note: If your site is actually based on Prestashop, Magento, OpenCart, WooCommerce, ShopWare or Shopify, you're better off by getting one of the specific plug-ins for those e-Shop platforms. Otherwise continue reading this manual.

The examples below assume, that you're registered in the SANDBOX.

A simple textual link

The code snippet below will open up your site profile in Youstice in a new window allowing your customers to directly provide their feedback. It is recommended to put the link somewhere in the section discussing return policies, warranties, feedbacks or directly the order history (if applicable).

The link is also optimized to be used on Social networks and thus to redirect negative emotions away from your wall.

This level of integration is easy to implement even for users with limited or no knowledge of web-related technologies.

To achieve a seamless blend-in with your web color scheme, developers are able to style the link using the ".youstice" class in CSS.

A link including the purchase details

The code snippet below will open up your site profile in Youstice in a new window and allow your customers to provide their feedback. At the same time, it will directly provide the purchase details (such as the item's name, order number, order date and similar). Links as such are best put into the delivery confirmation emails, or the order history page, next to each order.

Depending on your platform and skill level, this level of integration may require the help of a web-developer.

The list of recognized parameters are the following:

Parameter name Description example - try your own values
itemName The name of the purchased item/product
itemPrice Price of the item as Float
itemCurrency Currency Code according to ISO 4217 (3 char)
orderNum The order number as String
orderDate ISO8601 format in UTC. Date only is allowed
deliveryDate ISO8601 format in UTC. Date only is allowed
itemImageUrl Absolute url of the products image
userEmail Email of the customer submitting the feedback
custAttr1 Additional data according to the customization in Youstice

More advanced integration scenarios

Tighter and more advanced integrations are also possible, for example:

  • Ability to submit a complaint (use a complaint link with pre-populated purchase details) only once per item/order
  • Cryptographical proof that the data inside the complaint is valid, provided by your own back-end platform
  • Ability to fill-in validated purchase details on-the-fly during complaint submission based on the user's email and order number.
  • Gateway that only allows complaints where the user's id and order number combination resolves to a valid purchase as determined by your back-end.

Get in touch with us for details on these setups.

Youstice logo

Should you wish to use the Youstice logo, copy-paste the resulting code-snippet anywhere on your web.

And this is how it will look like:

Example logo