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Version 1.243.5

Release date: 2015-08-18



First extract the downloaded archive into any directory. This will extract 2 other archives called '' and ''. For each extracted archive, upload them using Joomla!'s administration page, under Extensions → Upload Package File. Note that enabling may be required. That's it! The module is now ready for configuration, and after that, full usage.

Alternatively, you can download the module directly from The Joomla! Extensions Directory The module's name is "Youstice Resolution System".

Logos of various color scheme and size are available here, in the section "Youstice logo"


For successful integration with Youstice you NEED register as seller and add your shop in application here.

Configuring the module is straight-forward. You just need to visit the module's configuration page, which can be accessed right from the top menu (Components → Youstice)

This plugin provides functionality of reporting claims also when user is not logged in (only his email and order reference number is needed). In your admin configuration plugin you can see link to page where this feature is implemented.

The module asks you to configure three configuration options. When the module is not initially configured, it acts as disabled, therefore no output is shown on the frontend.

The main configuration option that needs to be entered properly is API Key. You obtained this key when initially registering as a Youstice seller in the step above.

Second option just specifies whether the entered API key uses sandbox or not.

Finally, the third and last option, specifies the type of goods your shop sells. If you sell regular products, like for example TVs, just select the 'Products' option. If you sell services, choose the other option.

Youstice - virtuemart module configuration

Press Save & Close and you are ready to go! Now each and every one of your logged in shoppers will see the module in action.

Module functionality & display

Module allows each and every customer to file a complaint related to any recent order, ordered product or your shop's site in general. There are three main complaint buttons - each shows at a different place. The only screen the module directly modifies, is the "my order history" screen.

The module starts up every time an user (shopper) is logged into the shop or views a special url. At first, all functionality appears unaltered. When the user navigates to the 'my order history' page, only one button is visible at first:

Youstice - show buttons

Clicking this button activates the module for the user's session and shows it's main functionality on the modified "my order history" screen. Three distinct complaint buttons are described below.

Web complaint button, used to report web site problems unrelated to orders, is displayed before user's order history list.

Youstice - web report

Order report button provides an easy way to report a problem with the order, or a specific product of the given order. This is achieved in three ways.

Product report allows the user to report a specified product. This can be done either via Youstice's order detail or via Virtuemart's generic order detail.

Youstice - product report

A complementary functionality of the youstice resolution plugin is the "logo widget". This widget proves the shop has partnered with Youstice and shows chosen partnership statistics. It also allows logged out users to be taken to the 'file a complaint' page.

Youstice - logo widget

Reporting claims for logged out users can be done via specific url address, which is shown in the administration panel, or can be obtained from the logo widget when viewing it as a logged out customer.

When visiting this URL, an user is asked to fill in his email address and order number on which he wants to file a complaint or view the current complaint status.

Youstice - reporting for logged out users
After successful verification, customer can use the order detail reporting functionality as he would if he was logged in. Youstice - reporting for logged out users