Youstice Developers' section

This site is aimed for developers and other technical personnel. The purpose of this page is to help you with the integration of your custom eshop, SW and other solutions with Youstice services.

General overview

Get an understanding of the big picture. How does the environment look like, what are the prerequisites and procedures. What do you need to do Learn how to get Youstice integrated to your e-shop, custom SW, home site, facebook page, or mobile application.

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Depending on the SW you wish to integrate with Youstice, you have several options:

Plugins for eShops

For major (commercial or open source) e-Shop solutions we offer a selection of ready-made plugins made to achieve the smoothest of user experience. Getting them up & running is a matter of minutes (download, install, enable, configure). The list of available plugins can be found on the plugins page.

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One-stop integration guide

Start with a single link and scale up to a deep and fully integrated user-experience as necessary. Do front-end only, or integrate back-end platforms with purchase validation and custom attributes.

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